FAQ | What is an Enrolled Agent?

Apr 14, 2019


Welcome to the FAQ page of McHugh Kathleen R, CPA, an expert accounting and auditing firm with a focus on providing superior financial services. In this FAQ section, we will discuss the role of enrolled agents in the world of finance and answer some commonly asked questions about their importance in the industry.

What is an Enrolled Agent?

An enrolled agent is a tax professional licensed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Enrolled agents have unlimited practice rights, meaning they are authorized to represent individuals, businesses, and organizations in an array of tax matters, including audits, collections, and appeals.

Enrolled agents are thoroughly knowledgeable about the complexities of tax laws and regulations. They are professionals who specialize in tax-related matters and provide expert advice and assistance to ensure compliance with tax obligations.

Why Should You Choose an Enrolled Agent?

When it comes to handling your financial matters, including tax-related issues, working with an enrolled agent offers numerous advantages. Here are some key reasons why you should consider choosing an enrolled agent:

1. Expertise:

Enrolled agents undergo rigorous training and testing to acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise in tax matters. They are continually updated on changes in tax laws and regulations, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle complex financial situations.

2. Representation:

Enrolled agents have the authority to represent you before the IRS. If you encounter any issues or conflicts with the IRS, an enrolled agent can step in and act as your representative, minimizing stress and ensuring a favorable resolution.

3. Tax Planning:

Enrolled agents have an in-depth understanding of tax laws and can assist you in developing effective tax planning strategies. They can help you minimize tax liabilities, maximize deductions, and optimize your financial situation.

4. Compliance Assurance:

By working with an enrolled agent, you can rest assured that your tax returns and other financial documentation will be accurately prepared and filed on time. Enrolled agents are committed to maintaining high standards of accuracy, ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations.

How Can an Enrolled Agent Help Individuals and Businesses?

Enrolled agents offer valuable services to both individuals and businesses. Here's how their expertise can benefit you:

For Individuals:

  • Enrolled agents can help you navigate through complex tax laws and ensure accurate filing of individual tax returns.
  • They can assist in resolving tax disputes, such as audits or collections, on your behalf, providing representation before the IRS.
  • Enrolled agents can provide guidance on tax planning, helping you make informed decisions to optimize your financial situation.

For Businesses:

  • Enrolled agents can handle various tax matters for businesses, including tax planning, compliance, and filings.
  • They can provide assistance in addressing payroll taxes, sales taxes, and other business-related tax obligations.
  • Enrolled agents can support business owners in resolving tax-related disputes, audits, and appeals. They have the expertise to navigate complex tax issues and negotiate favorable outcomes.


Enrolled agents play a vital role in the world of finance, accounting, and auditing. They provide individuals and businesses with the necessary expertise and representation to navigate the complexities of tax laws and regulations. Choosing an enrolled agent, like those at McHugh Kathleen R, CPA, ensures you have a trusted professional on your side, working diligently to optimize your financial situation and ensure compliance with tax obligations.

For any further questions or to seek personalized financial assistance, please reach out to McHugh Kathleen R, CPA, and our team of experts will be happy to assist you.

Kristine Garbarino
Enrolled agents are tax experts!
Nov 10, 2023
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Enrolled agents are essential tax professionals with expertise in finance. This FAQ is helpful!
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